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How To Get Free Help With A Dissertation: 10 Good Hints

There are many reasons why you might find yourself in need of dissertation help. It’s not a good feeling to know you can’t get finished in time and your deadline is near and ominous. It can be very embarrassing to ask for an extension, yet many students need extra time. If you are looking for some hints and tips to getting some free help, here is the list you’re looking for:

  • Look at papers former successful students have written. These should be shelved or archived at your school’s library. It will give you an idea and a guide for what a successful paper in your chosen field should look like.

  • Ask your professor or advisor for some extra help. Choose one area of your writing and ask for specifics. Do this on more than one occasion to get as much assistance as possible from this very trustworthy source.

  • Get help from another grad student who is working in the same field as yourself. There are ways you can work together to help each other on a trade for services basis. Perhaps someone can do some typing for you and you can do some proofreading for them.

  • Look online for quality help at no cost; unfortunately you will most likely turn up empty-handed. There is always a cost for quality service. However, you can obtain quality help at very low, affordable rates.

  • Get free help when you purchase another service. For example, you may purchase help for writing your dissertation and get the references and abstract done at no additional cost.

  • Find a lab at your school offering assistance with English, report writing or something similar. Often, there are tutors available for all levels of writing.

  • Don’t accept questionable advice or help when it comes to something as important as your dissertation.

  • Your local librarian can be a literal treasure of knowledge, skill and information. Approach your librarian with questions and get the help or advice you need.

  • The internet is a virtual sea of information. Any questions you may have about your APA style guide, your abstract format or anything else can probably be answered using a simple online search.

  • Try online publications in your field of studies. There could be articles and guidelines they publish which help with dissertation questions and problems.

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