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Inventing Original Ideas For University Construction Dissertations

Finding a completely original idea is almost impossible. That being said, there are so many ideas out there that you can easily find one different enough to be considered unique. There are always new angles on the same topics, and your perspective is what’s important here. A dissertation is a big project, and you’re going to need a great idea for writing it, one that you love and that your advisor will accept.

You might need some time to find a good idea for a topic, and that’s okay. Even if it isn’t the first one you come across, doing the research for the best topic is worth the time spent. When it’s expected that that you need to have an original idea, it can seem too hard a task. When you’re an undergraduate you probably don’t know enough about your field to significantly contribute to it compared to a professor who has spent a lifetime studying it. But don’t worry—keep reading to find out how you can find good ideas for your dissertation.

Ideas for original university thesis

Even with a topic that’s been done before, there’s always new perspective you can bring to it. There’s a pride in knowing you can take the right steps for researching and writing about a subject your professor already knows, and impress him or her with it. Reading other sources related to your field is imperative to finding inspiration and research materials.

Here are some other ways you can find ideas:

  • Ask your advisor! That’s what he or she is there for. Talk about possibilities and share your thoughts about any suggestions made
  • If you come across something you don’t understand, dig deeper. You may have come across an unanswered question that you can answer in your dissertation
  • Look at other writings by students in your field and what they talk about
  • Make use of current events. You can look at a recent government document to deliberate an answer to a question you may have
  • Check out your school’s tutors and homework centers. These resources are built for students who need extra help and are specific to your field as well as program within the school

Don’t worry if you’re feeling frustrated. It’s normal during this part of the writing process to get a little overwhelmed. You’re taking a good first step by reading this article—try some of the above tips for idea searching.

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