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Where to Get a Winning Criminology Dissertation Proposal Example

A dissertation proposal is not the most difficult part to write, but your advisor will probably review it most closely. For this reason, you probably want a look at several good examples to make sure yours is done properly. Follow the instructions below to find them quickly.

Talk to a librarian.

The custodian of your university library should know whether it has any winning criminology thesis examples for you to use. Give preference to genuine papers submitted in your educational institution, not any textbook samples. You might not be allowed to know how high these dissertations actually scored (this information is confidential), but at least you can rest assured they have been successfully defended on your faculty. Begin your reading with most recent examples; academic guidelines often change over time, so the example of a proposal submitted last year is far more relevant than the one ten years old.

Explore your university website.

The website on your university might contain a range of materials to assist criminology graduate students, including a sample proposal and links to electronic versions of dissertations, each of which also incorporates a proposal. Make sure to use the sample that has been designed for you specialty; there might be several ones, considerably different from each other. You may be required to compose your proposal by another scheme than even your peers majoring in criminal justice.

Browse a free thesis database.

It can take just a couple of minutes to discover a reliable and free database if your search smartly. Enter “free criminology dissertations”. Refine your search by website type ( or This is the way to see mostly credible results, from resources that belong to governmental authorities or universities. Visit the databases that contain only criminology papers first. Next, try those that unite dissertation submitted in a particular area – they might also offer a large selection of papers in your major.

Talk to your older colleagues.

Do you know anyone who has recently defended a criminology dissertation in your university? Even if the answer is no, you can discover such a person to be a friend of your friend. Make an acquaintance, and, choosing a right moment, ask to have a look at their dissertation proposal. Explain that you are not going to plagiarize; you just want to see what this part should look like. This way to get a reliable sample is fast and easy and hence worth trying. Even if it fails, you still can use other methods.

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