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A List of Original Dissertation Topics on Employee Motivation

Subjects and courses that might focus on employee motivation

When it comes to writing a dissertation on the topic of employee motivation, there are many subjects for which this theme may be applicable. For example, two of the more likely subjects to use this theme may be economics or business studies, the latter in particular. It may be that the topic will be largely written about, or there may be various graphs and diagrams based on economic principles and theories that can be used to describe employee motivation.

Alternatively, it is possible that a history article may look at the different forms of employee motivation that have been used throughout time, as well as how effective they have been. Potentially, this could be linked in with ideas related to specialisation, whereby employees went from carrying out all aspects of a job, to a single task - the concept of which was so crucial to the Industrial Revolution.

Choosing the right style of paper

In order to think of a good topic, it can be important to have an idea of what style you wish the essay to be written in. You can also turn to Thesis Helpers to get some fresh topic ideas. For example, an argumentative essay may choose to look at whether or not a specific motivational technique works or not. Whereas, a piece of work written in the cause and effect style may wish to address what brought about a certain motivational technique and whether or not it had the desired effect.

Some examples of styles are listed below; although there are many more that you may wish to choose from:

  • Cause and effect
  • Argumentative
  • History paper
  • Economics paper

Topic examples for a paper on employee motivation

Listed below are some examples of employee motivation essay titles that could be written about. The various titles covering a variety of different styles and can be used in conjunction with various subjects.

  • The pros and cons of micromanagement
  • Telecommuting in the 21st Century
  • The correlation between wages and productivity
  • The ‘carrot and stick’ approach to employee motivation
  • A happy workforce is a productive workforce
  • Encouraging creativity without stifling productivity

It is possible to tweak these titles slightly in order to create something slightly different. For example rather than using the title of “The correlation between wages and productivity”, a slightly different version may be something like: “Do higher wages guarantee higher productivity levels in the workplace”.

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