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What’s The Best Way To Write A Doctoral Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a part of your academic requirements to earn your masters and doctoral degree. This final paper shows your professors and advisors that you are ready for you field of study. A doctoral dissertation takes a lot time, usually about three to four years to complete. Here is some advice that you can use from start to finish of the doctoral dissertation writing process. You are going to be very stresses throughout this entire process and this advice will help you get through it with just a little less stress.


  • The first thing you want to do is to figure out when you are going to start your dissertation. The means when you will stop doing your research and then start writing your dissertation.
  • You also want to decide when you are going to stop writing your dissertation. Usually it is about three months after you start it that you finish it. Set a deadline and stick to it because then you will get more work done.
  • Set deadlines to each chapter you are writing. Set it maybe a week or two per chapter and try to stick to it. If you go over a day or two that’s okay but don’t waste time and totally miss your deadline.
  • Write on your dissertation everyday, set a goal of maybe five hundred words and if you get more done that’s great. You don’t want to set too high of a goal because then you will fall short.
  • Make sure that your workspace is distraction free and disable the Internet from your computer to limit distractions.
  • Only sit at your computer when you are ready to work because if you aren’t ready to work then you can become distracted and not work on your dissertation that day.
  • To make your life less stressful, work only for about a half an hour and then take a five-minute break. This will help keep you focus.
  • If you aren’t working get away from your computer. If you are at your computer all the time when you aren’t working, then you will get less work done once you go to start your dissertation work.
  • And the last and best advice, it to take care of yourself. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating well and get out every once in a while. A night out with friends won’t destroy your work, so go out and have some fun.

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