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A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics In Anesthesia To Consider

Writing a dissertation on anesthesia related topics can be a unique venture. You put your knowledge and creativity to the test in determining a good dissertation topic for the subject. Students often use dissertation papers written by other students on similar topics. This gives an idea on what direction to take your idea and you may find potential sources to use along the way. Here are some ideas to help inspire an original topic for your anesthesia dissertation.

  1. Best practices for reducing anxiety levels in patients. A dissertation can review effective ways to help patients relax before procedures. What are ways being explored but are not considered options just yet?
  2. How to choose nurse anesthesia programs for personal development. Review ways a student may determine programs they want to complete toward career goals.
  3. Nurse anesthesia practice comparison from choice of two countries. A dissertation can review ways of practice in one country versus another and make suggestions for better solutions.
  4. Physical and mental effects comparison in children versus adults. How does anesthesia affect children and are there potential side effects that may affect their development?
  5. Monitoring consciousness during period of sedation. What brain activity is occurring during this period and how does the body react? How was it discovered to know the exact amount to use on a person to safely sedate them?
  6. Comparing effective methods of reducing stress in patients before surgery. A dissertation can review ways a person can reduce stress levels before surgery. Does this help anesthesia work more effectively on a patient?
  7. Practicing anesthetics in the military. Are there differences in how it is practiced as a civilian? What are benefits to practicing in the military?
  8. The effectiveness of learning anesthesia elements through different educational platforms. What are ways of learning about anesthesia that have proven to be useful in the world of medicine?
  9. Process of becoming a certified anesthetic nurse. What are programs or certifications involved in being a certified anesthetic nurse? What changes would you suggest on how to improve the process or how to make things easier?
  10. Reasons a person decides to study this area of medicine and nursing. What are reasons why a person decides to study this field? What are breakthroughs that have been discovered thanks to the element of anaesthesia?

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