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A Thesis Vs. a Dissertation: Learning the Fundamental Difference

When you are finishing your final degrees you may be wondering the difference between a thesis and a dissertation. The thesis is a final piece which you write and produce for your master’s degree. The dissertation can be the final piece for a master’s degree but can also be the final piece for a doctorate or a PhD. In both cases it is a large work that is done completely independently and is often a struggle for many students to finish because of the fact that they have never written anything like it before.

  • In both cases the work you complete will be exceedingly long especially in comparison to the other work you have done. In almost all cases the work will be the longest piece of work you have ever done.
  • In both cases you will be assigned an advisor who is there to lend a helping hand when necessary and can review the pieces of your work as you complete them. If you have questions about the process you can turn to this person to get answers or direction as you write.
  • In both cases your final degree will only be given if you are able to produce a paper that is given the passing grade by your review committee. The thesis and the dissertation alike are long as we have mentioned but in addition to that they take a long amount of time. That is why it is important that in both cases you are able to learn to balance your time and to set a workable schedule for the completion of your work.
  • In both cases your job is to prove to your academic community and your department that you can conduct research independently and that you will be able to contribute something substantial to the field or the department which helps other academics and professionals just like yourself. This is no easy task either.

The exact parameters of each will be dependent upon the type of degree you are obtaining as well as the academic institution from which you are obtaining it. It is therefore incumbent upon you to make sure you have familiarized yourself with the requirements of the institution of your choice and that you have planned accordingly so that time is properly allotted for you to complete the task.

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