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A Manual For Creating A Cover Page For An Undergraduate Nursing Dissertation

Have you ever written an undergraduate dissertation paper in nursing? Were you keen to master how the cover page is created? If you accidentally forgot this or rather, you have never done it before, you should not panic. A time has come for you write the best content for your nursing dissertation paper and at the same time, design an appropriate cover page. Simply adhere to the following:

Include the author’s name and the registration number

As a student, what you need to know is that you are the sole author of your work. Therefore, under the author’s name, make sure you have included yours. Also remember that a registration number is also important. It identifies who you are so that in case your paper gets lost, it can be traced back to the appropriate owner. Make sure you write these correctly because there could be some names resembling yours.

Write the name of the lecturer

Since an institution has multiple lecturers all of which might have assigned students work on dissertation writing, you must specify the exact lecturer whom the work will go to. This is most probably the person who will be in charge of marking your work. If you forget to include him or her, your marks stand a great chance to be reduced.

What topic was it?

On the cover page, every reader should be able to tell what exactly you were assigned before so that when they read through the content, they will get winning information. This therefore means that you need to include the topic on which you are working. If you forget to include this, those who will be breading through your work will have a hard time.

The name of the institution

The name of the institution is very key here because it identifies the work submitted and the particular college or university which the author studies in. In case there is any other institution with a resembling name, you should be very key so that you do not confuse between the two.

The date of submission and the sign

This is important such that in case there is a disagreement, the teacher can always confirm from here. The date should be written in the correct order and should always come last. However, you can choose to include a sign before the date to show that you are the owner.

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