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Complete Instructions On How To Write A Dissertation In Two Weeks

You must be scorning at your supervisor, for mistaking you for a bionic man, the moment you heard that the deadline has been rescheduled and it is just two weeks away. Or you might be using a stream of expletives on yourself after having an epiphany about your dissertation deadline, which is probably two weeks away! But after considering such godforsaken situations, you could actually pull through such an ambitious and formidable task in not more than two weeks of time. Below are few significant tips which could pick you up from a quagmire of a situation:

  • Be more ambitious and set your deadline way ahead of time- You possibly cannot complete anything without an expected deadline. Without a deadline you could procrastinate beyond your imagination and burning the midnight oil is not advisable when you literally have to write something as huge as a dissertation. Go on and make a spreadsheet comprising of the many topics which you have to write on along with individual deadlines.
  • Ask for valuable feedback from your mentor, colleagues and family- Communication is the key to everything. As you communicate with others regarding your dissertation you could buy yourself some time to edit your work simultaneously. You could send portions of your draft to willing people and ask them to evaluate. Be open to criticisms.
  • Take small escapades when you need the most – Take breathers as you earn them, as without them you might feel overburdened and this in turn might lead you to meltdowns. Dissertation is a lengthy and tedious process; you need to understand that a fresh and rejuvenated mind is more than necessary for a good outcome.
  • Writing the draft is an evolutionary process- Writing your dissertation is akin to running a marathon and not sprinting. As and when you write you have to reflect upon what you have picked up in the way, that is, by reading journals, articles, publication etcetera.
  • Be cautious about your reference list- A proper reference list is a direct reflection of how good your dissertation is. References or sources testify and uphold your draft and the information you have used. Both in-text and out-text citations are equally important. You need to master the types of citation- MLA, APA style etcetera.

Lastly, do not lose your mind. A swan is always graceful when you see it gliding on the water but both its feet paddle vigorously underneath, be the swan.

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