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How to Use the APA Format for a Dissertation

The APA format is one of many academic writing styles that you may be called upon to use when presenting your work. As one of the most popular it is a good idea to develop some familiarity with how the style works. Here are a few actions that can get you started.

Go to the website

The American Psychology Association has a website that explains the format well enough for the average beginner. You can look through the site and find information about when the style was first introduced and any ways in which it has evolved recently to deal with new media and any other developments.

Buy the booklet

Like any popular format, the APA style has its own booklet of guidelines that contains every detail that you need to be mindful of when using the format. It’s a good investment if you plan to use the style regularly but if money is an issue, think about borrowing it from a friend or a library. Its a good idea to look through it at least once before attempting to format your dissertation.

Consult regular users

If anyone you know is a wiz at APA formatting it would be a great idea for you to ask them for their personal tips. It’s especially helpful if you and that person have something in common so that the little reminders that work well for them will be just as effective for you.

Use a good template

If the above methods seem to time consuming or involved for you, considering using a template. This is the lazy way out but can be an absolute timesaver if your course load is to heavy for you to spend time learning an entire format.

Hire a writing service

Writing companies will gladly take your untidy stack of papers and format it beautifully into the APA style. For the right price they will even put your dissertation together with no input from you at all. This is not always a good idea however as your academic credibility can be destroyed if people discover you have passed off someone else’s work as your own. If you only hire them for the formating you may survive if you can convince others that the work was truly yours to begin with.

With these basic hints you can start your journey to understanding the APA style and applying it to your dissertation.

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