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Free MBA Dissertation Topics: a List of Great Prompts at Your Service

Now that you are writing your MBA dissertation, chances are high that you are really looking forward to getting it done, and getting that certification that you have always been chasing after. In as much as this is a very good feeling, it is important for you to realize that without a very good topic, chances are high that you will struggle not only with writing the paper, but you will also struggle convincing your professors that you do deserve higher marks than the ones that they are about to give you. The following are some topics that you can look into:

  • Activity based costing – in this paper, you will take a closer look at activity based costing, and since you will be comparing it and hyping it over traditional accounting methods, it is imperative that you come up with clear guidelines and comparisons between the two of them, to ensure that whoever is reading your paper will be able to see and understand your point of view.
  • Advertising – advertising and the advertising industry has undergone a lot of advancements over the years, most of which a lot of people have come to appreciate, while so many others have never really come to see the benefit. Delve deeper into the effect and impact of advertising, critically analyzing the development and design of the same over the years
  • Administration and leadership – analyze carefully any of the leaders that are available within your confines, according to literary works that have previously been carried out. You can choose from quite a number, including John Buchanan’s The Road to Guilford Courthouse.
  • Business Ethics – we live in a world wherein business and business ethics go hand in hand. This is especially as a result of the fact that over time there have been significant developments into business, most of which have seen the rise of new business platforms, while others have also brought about a lot of other elements. Take a look at business ethics from the point of view of the reforms that they bring about, and the significance in the industry
  • Customer service standards – there is so much that you can write on customer service standards, with a special emphasis on how well customers appreciate these services. If possible, compare and contrast two significant companies, or procedures that are being practiced today.

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