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Basic Tips For Writing A Dissertation On Motivation And Employee Performance

Employees are an integral part of an organization and there performance goes a great mile in determining the way a company fares. To better understand the role employees play in an organization and the significance of motivation for employees, management students are often asked to write essays on motivation, performance of employees and the relation between the two.

Composing a paper on motivation requires a lot of feel to it. It is best done when the writers are motivated themselves. There can be a lot of misunderstanding regarding writing motivational papers aimed at employee performance. This article includes some basic tips and advice for those looking to write a dissertation on employee motivation and performance. Feel free to add your own inputs.

Motivate yourself

One of the first things that you need to do is to motivate yourself. People who are low on motivation cannot write a good paper on motivation. The traditional notion of a roleplaying writer does not quite fit here. There are many ways of motivating yourself:

  • Attend a motivation seminar

  • Read a book on self-help

  • Practice meditation

Once you are through with the motivation part, see what roles it has to play with the performance of employees working together inside an organization.

Create a ring of ideas on motivation

Make sure that you walk into every field of idea wherein motivation can relate to the performance of employees. See if motivation can:

  • Increase the trust an employee has on an organization

  • Create better value system in the organization as a whole

  • Bring employees closer as a team

  • Augment other efficiencies of employees

  • Remove self-doubts from the minds of employees

Explore relation between motivation and performance

Most researchers believe that motivation has a definitive impact on the performance of employees. You may check this site to learn more about the role motivation has in resolving internal conflict and improving performance in employees. There are also many other resources on the web which you may refer to create a better paper that balances the equation between motivation and employee performance at work.

Open up the paper with the conclusion

The conclusion comes across as a vital part of any dissertation, all the more so in one which talks about motivation. Know that there are many who believe that motivation has no part whatsoever in resolving the conflict between employees and their own performances. These people might be your readers also. Make sure that you open the debate up for both the sides. Imperatively], an open ended debate best fits the bill.

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