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Dissertations And Theses: Using An Example While Working On Your Own Paper

Writing a dissertation or thesis is a long and hard process and after all of the work is done; it can be hard to compose your dissertation or thesis. That is why you should use examples to help you write yours. Examples can be found online and all of them are either published work or students that posted them online to help other students. These examples will help you see how to write yours or even help you get some ideas on the topic that you can cover in yours.

Examples Online

  • The University of Wales has an entire page of resources that you can use to find examples of dissertations and theses. Every resource on their site is free to use and gives you access to thousands of published dissertations and theses.
  • The Penn State University website has a great section on how to write your dissertation or thesis. It also has examples of each section on the left hand side of the screen so you can see how each section should be set up. And it even has writing exercises you can do to help improve your writing skills.
  • The University of Leicester library website has a huge list of past students dissertations and theses that you can use as an example. They also have a list of databases that have theses and dissertations that you can use as examples as well.
  • If you want templates to help you write your dissertation or thesis then you should look on the University of North Carolina at Charlotte website. They give you explanations on how to write yours and has templates that you can use for an example on how yours should look.
  • If you are looking for a specific kind of dissertation or thesis to use as an example, the Ohio State library site has information on where to find dissertations and theses and give you a list of departments that you can search. This will give the exact kind of dissertation or thesis you are looking for by department.
  • You might or might not know this but your school’s library has resources for you use to find examples of dissertations or theses. Most colleges have a database of their past students dissertations or theses and this will give you the most accurate examples to work from.

Writing Resources

Writing Ideas