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A List of Unique Social Policy Dissertation Ideas

If you are searching for a list of social policy ideas for your next dissertation, consider the information below:

  1. You could analyze different reforming welfare payment systems. In places such as the United Kingdom, new welfare reform has been placed into legislation so that families can receive benefits in the form of a coupon. Rather than giving welfare checks, which can then be cashed and used for whatever means, the department of work and pensions decided that these payments should be given in a smart card format so that the benefits are not misspent on things for which they are not allocated and are instead only spent on those things for which they were allocated. There were many reactions from policy directors, and from those who work with vulnerable children who are often the innocent victims of parents who misspend the welfare benefits. This type of decision can provide you with cutting-edge topics that really allows you to evaluate the potential effects that a change of this magnitude could have within government thinking.
  2. You could write about social housing reform. There are areas in the United Kingdom which have a high rate of teenage prostitution and teenage pregnancy. This area is known as Doncaster. In your dissertation you could evaluate the social policy through the central government that focuses on providing day care, rebuilding primary schools, and funding community projects. You can see you what long term improvements are scheduled for social housing and collect primary data to qualitatively and quantitatively research which techniques are most beneficial.
  3. You could also write a dissertation on social work and the intervention of child abuse. Social protection agencies are typically slow to react to certain child-abuse scandals. You could evaluate failings of social services in this regard and what could be done to achieve a more appropriate approach in such cases.

Once you have selected your topic, it is important that you:

  • Brainstorm. Make sure you list all the ideas that you want to include in your paper.
  • Sure you organize those ideas and group them based on some form of relation to one another.
  • Verify and then re-verify the order in which your material is presented. Try and arrange her material into smaller subsections that might be group specific. If you don't like the way something is arranged, take time to change it.

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