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Where Can I Get a Master's Dissertation Methodology Example?

The methodology section of a dissertation explains to the reader the methods taken by the writer to engage in research. This may be strange to writers unaccustomed to research. Here are some ways you can find samples so you’ll know what to do.

Do a very general search online

Just by putting the words into the search engine results will come back to you. It’s not too hard and even children can help with this depth of search. Your main concern at this point would be quality control. Make sure to check every dissertation that you intend to use for reference. Some will not be worth using. Others may be extraordinary. Only careful analysis will tell one from the other.

Do a very precise search online

There are journals of academic study online that only publish very well done academic papers. These include theses and dissertations. If you limit your search to only results that come from those sources, you will not have to deal with the very bad results that a general search will produce. There may be a few good papers that get excluded using this method but it is much faster. Another issue is that some sites may not allow unfettered access without paying a registration fee. If they allow sample content to be viewed freely you may be able to see the part you want which is the methodology section, at no cost. You may even be allowed access using your college ID if your college has a relationship with the site and pays fees for the entire institution’s access.

Ask around

The internet is very useful but people were capable of accessing information and getting college degrees before it existed. Your professor should be willing and able to show you a paper that contains exactly the type of methodology he or she expects you to include in your work. If not the professor, try the TA or even your classmates.

Buy one

Master’s students aren’t usually very wealthy but in the event that all other sources fail you, it helps to be mentally prepared to buy a sample from a writing service. Only attempt this if there is already a company you trust and have a relationship with.

By the time you make your way through all the options on this list you should have more examples than you know what to do with.

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