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Where To Go Looking For A-Grade Nutrition Dissertation Examples

Nutrition and food health covers a vast number of areas. There are so many potential topics to choose from that it can be next to impossible to decide on just one. To make sure that you turn in the best possible paper, you will want to look at examples of dissertations that have received the highest grades. From there you will be able to critically read through the papers to see what it is that makes them great. What language did they use? How is the research and evidence presented? What did the writer do to make sure that the paper flowed logically from the first page to the last? How were the research sources cited? But where should you go to find these superior examples of nutrition dissertations? Check out some of the ideas listed below:

University library websites

Any university that offers the same type of program that you are studying will do just fine. Libraries always keep an archive of papers that have been written by students, and the grade is usually listed. Find a couple that are similar to the topic you have chosen and read through them carefully.

Ask your professor

Professors usually keep copies of dissertations that they consider to be the "cream of the crop". The majority of them will let you take a look at work done by previous students so you can get an idea of the level of work that they consider to be "A+". When you are able to look at papers like these, pay extra attention so you can isolate the components that really impressed the prof!

Professional writing websites

Sites like these usually have partial excerpts from dissertations that they have completed for clients. While these can be useful to look at, you may not be able to see an actual grade so don't simply assume that it is the best paper ever written. Maybe it is but take what you read with a grain of salt.

Do some snooping!

Search for copies of the nutrition dissertations that were written by the members of your committee, your professors, and your advisors. This is beneficial because you will be able to see firsthand the type of work that they consider to be acceptable. Pay attention to how they structured and formatted the paper, as well as the type of language that they used within. Look at how they presented their research and the amount of supporting evidence that was included. Check out the citation section as well.

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