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6 Great Suggestions On How To Write A Dissertation Abstract

As one of the most important parts of your dissertation, it is important that you write your abstract to a high standard. The reason that this section is so important is that it will be one of the first things that a reader will see when looking at your essay. Therefore, if it is written to a low standard, then they may decide not to continue reading. However, if you have written the abstract to a high standard, then it will encourage people to want to find out more about your work.

For further suggestions about how to write your abstract, continue reading the list of six ideas below.

  1. Include details about the topic towards the beginning of the abstract
  2. The abstract should include any important details about the topic that you will be discussing. These should be included towards the beginning of the abstract, so that the reader knows right from the beginning what it is to expect from your essay.

  3. Include a hypothesis
  4. As well as giving details about the topic that you discuss, you may wish to include a hypothesis. Essentially, a hypothesis is a bit like a prediction of what you would expect to occur in a given situation. A hypothesis will generally be used in scientific dissertations; however, it can be used in essays for other subjects as well.

  5. Include any necessary references and citations to similar work
  6. References and citations can help to demonstrate why you decided to write the work on a particular topic, as well as helping to avoid the possibility of you being penalised for plagiarism.

  7. Include some details about any methods
  8. As part of your abstract, you may wish to include any research methods that you have used in order to find out any relevant information or data, including any experiments that you may have needed to perform.

  9. Keep the work short and clear
  10. Ideally, your abstract should be no more than about a page long; in fact, a more suitable length for this section is only about half page long. Therefore, you need to be incredibly clear with everything you write, and only include any necessary details.

  11. Proofread the work once it has been written
  12. To ensure that the work is of a high standard, it is vital that you proofread what you have written, as this will help to remove any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

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