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20 Brilliant Ideas for Your Dissertation Topics on Obesity

  1. Discuss the effect of fast food companies and junk producers on the teenagers who rush to buy quick and instantaneous food in no time
  2. The American doctors association collaborated up with Coca-Cola, is that something to ponder about? Do you have any experiences of such partnerships among food and beverage companies and physicians and doctors?
  3. More than half of all Americans are obese. Does this send chills down your spine?
  4. Every 1 in three Americans suffers from a problem of obesity, how do you see this as a national worry agenda
  5. In the year 2015, more people will die in developed countries of obesity then of starvation, is this crisis of overproduction
  6. We are what we eat, how true does this statement hold for the generations today
  7. Is exercise a solution to the obesity problems and the critical weight gain problems we have today due to consumption of junk
  8. Organic and homemade foods are cheaper than the junk food and we need to have more of them
  9. One cannot balance the amount of calories taken in with the calories burnt in a day. This is not realistic because you have to work extra hard to burn even a little calories
  10. The only control to our obesity problems today is eating right rather than regretting later
  11. Operations and surgeries are not the solution to weight gain problems because they do not have a 100 percent success rate and are very expensive to afford
  12. Being obese or fat at school is a major reason for being bullied by others
  13. School cafeterias and eating stalls should introduce more vegetables and avoid contracts with junk food companies
  14. Junk food companies must revise their plans and revamp their products to create healthy food items rather than only focusing on higher profits
  15. Government should subsidize healthy foods and ban junk food
  16. More importance should be laid on food and artificial flavor checks in food manufacturers
  17. Added sugar 8 times more addictive than cocaine is found in most of the products made for kids and teens
  18. Food products must be approved after passing laboratory tests by certified professionals
  19. Food manufacturing companies should focus more on health issues rather than profits
  20. It is not a good idea to make your kid habitual of outside foods

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