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12 Unexpected Thesis Topic Ideas For Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice is as old as societies have existed. With every system, there will inevitably people in that system that choose to not abide by its rules. We have come up with 12 interesting topics related to criminal justice below.

  1. In the United States, an overwhelming number of people who are subject to the penitentiary system will serve multiple sentences. Discuss some theories as to why this pattern has formed.
  2. Recent documented instances of extreme police brutality have drawn attention to the topic of police enforcement. Some would argue that criminals deserve these severe punishments; however, most would take a more sympathetic view on society’s offenders. Compare and contrast police treatment in different nations globally.
  3. Discuss the effectiveness of strategies used to deter or completely stop criminal behavior.
  4. Discuss the modern Mexican war on drugs and its relationship to U.S. drug use. What are the implications of this relationship for Mexican families and how might legalization change the amount of violence occurring today?
  5. Analyze the effectiveness and affordability of the American Judicial system. Come up with suggestions of how the process might become faster and lead to better outcomes for criminals.
  6. Taking into consideration the massive amounts of debt people today incur to become a lawyer (financing an undergraduate education and law school), discuss the practicality of pursuing a career in law.
  7. Should people receive mandatory jail sentences for criminal charges (with no chances of parole)? How might this affect the families of criminals, as well as employers and community structures.
  8. Discuss the effectiveness and righteousness of using capital punishment to deter crime.
  9. The US today is undergoing a mass de-criminalization of marijuana. How might this bring changes to things like businesses, social gatherings, and the field of medicine?
  10. How might the field of criminal justice look today, if all drugs were legalized? What if all drugs disappeared completely?
  11. Should sex offenders have to register themselves in public records? Should criminals have to list any past convictions in employment applications? Discuss the argument for or against these questions.
  12. A hot topic in the United States today is to have law enforcement wear body cameras to record their actions. Discuss the pros and cons of this law being passed. How might it affect the way the judicial system and enforcement fields work?

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