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Excellent Example Nursing Dissertation Topics To Choose From

Having a large writing assignment in the middle of a degree program can sometimes put a glitch in the educational process. However, if you take this assignment and choose a topic that is truly of interest, then you can gain some value from this tedious task while learning something new about the field of nursing.

Here are a selection of possible dissertation topics that may be of interest when you are working on this type of assignment.

  1. Review the decision making process when a clinical trial is being conducted and look for ways that nursing and nursing theories can help add value to the process within the study.

  2. Analyze holistic nursing and show how it contrasts with a more traditional form of nursing within the medical industry.

  3. Discuss advantages and disadvantages to following a conceptual nursing structure within your medical career.

  4. Analyze nursing and how it helps those living in a nursing home environment to have the most productive lives possible even into the late senior years.

  5. Look at nursing psychology when working in hospice related fields and the implications of constantly losing patients to death.

  6. Look at the nursing industry and how many nurses will be needed to meet the needs of the industry in the upcoming years.

  7. Review training and curriculum for new nurses and how the educational process may not be sufficient to prepare nurses to work in the field.

  8. Analyze how nurses play an important role when working with patients who are mentally disabled or mentally compromised patients.

  9. Look at the impact of stress on nurses who are in the field for many years. Show how it impacts both their professional and personal lives.

  10. Should nurses be held to an ethics standard and what is that standard in today’s medical industry?

  11. How do nurses manage the spirituality of hospice patients and manage both the patient and interactions with the family.

  12. Look at how to recognize the signs of burn out when working in the nursing field and steps to take to avoid burn out.

  13. Look at how nurses working in a nursing home environment can address the needs of patients who refuse basic care such as eating.

  14. Look at strategies for managing feet wounds in diabetic patients and how to best help these patients.

  15. Review work places strategies up and down the nursing chain of command to provide the best patient care.

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