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The Top 10 Physiotherapy Dissertation Ideas to Consider

Physiotherapy is the practice of helping patients affected by numerous types of injuries, illnesses or disabilities through carefully monitored and planned movement, exercise, manual therapy, and education. Physiotherapists encourage the development of recovery and help facilitate it. To earn a degree in physiotherapy one must usually complete a dissertation on a well-thought out and original research topic. Here are some ideas to help inspire some of your own topics:

  1. Deep Breathing Exercises to Aid Stomach and Abdominal Injuries:
  2. Can deep breathing exercises help heal stomach and abdominal injuries? How long should these exercises be taken and how much time does healing take?

  3. Systematic Views of Barriers, Interventions and Enablers:
  4. How does our environment affect the way we heal and does a better understanding on these factors encourage the development of a more systematic approach?

  5. How Athletic Identity Helps Adjustment to Spinal Cord Injuries:
  6. Are athletes, who generally have greater core and back strength, help in how professionals approach serious spinal cord injuries to people who aren’t athletes?

  7. Head and Neck Injuries and the Increased Risk of Concussions:
  8. Head and neck injuries continue to be a hot trend in recent years, and finding ways to prevent such injuries as well as concussions that can be a result of them.

  9. Practice of Yoga and How it Helps Against Chronic Back Pain:
  10. Yoga has many health benefits such as improved posture, meditation and relaxation, but does it also aid in helping against chronic back pain?

  11. How Therapeutic Exercises For Joint Hypermobility Syndrome is Effective:
  12. Can therapeutic exercises help with joint movement restrictions? How can studies and tests lead to effective treatments for people who suffer from arthritis or chronic join pain?

  13. What Effects Does Total Body Pre-Rehabilitation Have on Post Op Outcomes:
  14. Does focusing on muscle building and flexibility exercises help patients heal faster after operations and surgeries?

  15. Addressing Physical Health Disparity for People with Schizophrenia:
  16. People who suffer from severe forms of schizophrenia are less likely to report or have the ability to report their injuries or physical pains, but can health providers find ways to decrease the disparity of care?

  17. Impairments, Pain and Disability to Upper Extremities:
  18. Upper extremities are more prone to prone to regular injuries than the lower extremities, which are a lot more likely to be hurt do to sports. How should the two be treated similarly or differently?

  19. Response to High and Low Electrical Nerve Stimulations:
  20. Does electrical stimulation help in the way athletes can heal from sports-related injuries or is the effect so low that the therapy isn’t worth the practice?

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