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Brainstorming Sport Marketing Dissertation Ideas: Tips & Examples

Sport marketing is an extremely lucrative field that offers a number of exciting opportunities. People who go into this field can work directly with athletes or can work with huge businesses who want to contract those same athletes. People can be in public eye basking in the glow of media lights or they can take a comfortable spot in the shadows while brokering multi-million dollar deals. If you are considering this field and are currently in graduate school earning your degree, you'll want to develop a sport marketing dissertation that will not only wow your advisors but also impress prospective employers.

Brainstorming Sport Marketing Tips

  1. Check the Media for Whatever’s Hot
  2. If you’re already a fan of sports then you will likely be aware of the 24/7 news cycle that bring all the latest news and information form the world of sports. When brainstorming you want to let your mind wander with questions and ideas. Take any story that interests you from sports news and let your thoughts dictate some marketing ideas.

  3. Revise History with a Different Approach
  4. You could also think of stories you are already aware of from the past and try to perceive them from different angles. You can create a mind map of your thoughts and make a list of all the good topics to consider researching from a marketing angle.

Sport Marketing Topics Examples

The following are a few simple ideas to consider for potential dissertation topics:

  1. Consider ways in which the media affects how a player’s personal life (specifically problems) becomes a judgement on a player’s athletic abilities.
  2. How can a player with a negative or immature reputation fix his image to attract sponsorship deals from the largest companies?
  3. How has sport marketing changed in the age since the internet social network sites came into existence?
  4. What have been the adverse effects of branding athletes as certain prototypes rather than allowing each one to push forth individuality?
  5. Does sport marketing encourage athletes to seek more contracts from local markets and their respective teams?
  6. What is the perceived limit of profitability of athletes in the next 10, 20, and 50 years? How do recessions and periods of financial stability affect these profits?
  7. Is it ethical for branding agencies to work with underage athletes playing in youth sports? What are the dangers and benefits of this?

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