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Finding a Sample Doctoral Thesis: Free Advice for Students

A doctoral thesis is the most serious challenge of your academic career. You should not only research the work of other scientists, but look at the issue in a completely new light. Students always find this challenge intimidating and don’t know what to start from and where to seek help. Looking for good thesis samples is perhaps the wisest solution. A well-written example of a doctoral dissertation will prompt you on how to start your paper, what structure and format to follow, and what style to pursue. Moreover, you can borrow some methods of research or even relevant sources if there is an available copy of a paper on a similar topic to yours.

Decent thesis examples can be found in many places. Think big and cover as many options as possible in your search.

  • Browse the World Wide Web.
  • Lots of useful materials can be found online. However, you should sort out good links from the bad ones.

    • Give preference to academic writing websites and educational sites.
    • Look for proofread doctoral thesis samples in free dissertation databases of online university libraries.
    • Visit several websites of custom writing companies. You should remember, though, that these services are not free, and you may be charged a fee for downloading dissertation copies.
  • Use all of your university’s resources.
  • Doctoral dissertations by former students are stored in libraries, archives, or writing centers.

    • Recent works can often be accessed in a writing center at your university. Usually, students are not allowed to copy or borrow them. However, you can look through a paper on the spot and take some notes if necessary.
    • Doctoral theses that were defended several years ago are kept in a university library or archive. It may be troublesome to list through tons of academic papers searching for a suitable sample, though. Ask a librarian to help or, at least, show you the right direction, and you will definitely come across good dissertations in your field of study.
  • Consider using alternative sources.
  • Turn to a former student (if you are in good relations with any), and borrow a copy that he or she has written and, probably, has already defended. You may also ask your advisor to give you a well-written doctoral thesis sample to refer to in the process of work.

It takes a lot of time and effort to find great sample dissertations. If you have one, though, the process of completing your doctoral thesis will be easier and faster, and you will not have to rewrite your paper several times.

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