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Creating The Best Dissertation Ever – A Complete Guide

There are times when you hear students talk about writing the best dissertation ever, how much they worked on the task and how they expect good grades when the results come back. However, when the results come back it becomes a whole new issue altogether, disappointment and dismay. It leaves you wondering what really happened because you could have sworn that the paper would have come back with better results.

When it comes to dissertation writing, there are a number of things that teachers look into. From the perspective of someone who has been there and done it all, you need to realize that at times wishing upon some good luck as most students tend to do, is not the best way to go about your paper. It is important for you to put in as much effort as possible, and you will be in a good position to learn how to stop missing those important marks.

The following are some guidelines that will help you get some good work done with respect to the kind of information that you need to get for this particular paper:

  • The importance of the title

  • Introduction and conclusion

  • Relevant sources

The importance of the title

It is a pity that some students still choose to write just any other title and assume that it will pass. A good title gets you marks. Other than that, it gets you the seal of approval from the reader, which almost certainly makes them biased when reading your work. It is like winning favor from the reader when they are reading your paper. Do not lose this kind of favor. Make sure that you learn how to write a good title within the paper category that you are working on.

Introduction and conclusion

Some teachers only go through the title, introduction and conclusion for your work when they are reading your paper, and determine whether to ace your work or to put yours in the flop pile. This is particularly so when there are a lot of papers to grade. Give these three things some good consideration before you even send in that paper for marking.

Relevant sources

One of the other areas where students lose a lot of marks is the type of sources that they bring into their paper. Make sure that they are not just relevant, but not outdated too.

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